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24 February, 17.00-17.30 GMT

It has been three months since people and leaders from around the world met in Glasgow for the annual UN climate meeting, COP26. What’s next?
Now the ink has dried on the Glasgow Climate Pact, join us to hear from the people that were there and understand what actually happened at COP26. Has progress been made? What are the next steps in the response to the climate emergency? And, what can we all do to make sure that movement is in the right direction?

Meet your speakers

Kevin Mtai (@kevinkevinmtaiis a climate justice activist and environmentalist from Kenya. He is the African Regional Coordinator for Earth Uprising, and co-founder of Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN). He champions education about climate change and supports young leaders across Africa. He is also an organiser for Fridays for Future International and Food@COP, a project that campaigns for environmentally-friendly sourced food to be served at COP meetings.

Dr Adriana De Palma (@adpalma) is a data scientist at the Natural History Museum. She researches how nature responds to human actions, including how land changes over time and extreme weather. She has written more than 20 papers and reports for professionals and governments, and developed online tools to communicate science to policy makers. 

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