TSM Launches The Shipping Monster UK
Speciality logistics expert The Shipping Monster (TSM) has been awarded the contract to handle shipping and logistics for the global tour of Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder of Nature. The exhibit is a partnership between the Natural History Museum London, the BBC Studios History Unit, and Warner Bros. Consumer Products.
Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature allows visitors to: “Discover where the real world and the Wizarding World intertwine, and how the wonders of the natural world have inspired myths, legends and magical creatures for generations."
Since opening on December 9, 2020, at the Natural History Museum London, the exhibition has been a smash hit with visitors. The exhibition's final day at the Natural History Museum London was January 3, 2022, and it now embarks on a world tour transported by The Shipping Monster.
TSM CEO & Founder, Robert Aspinall, says of the project, “Our team is elated to have the opportunity to share this exhibition with audiences world-wide. TSM is ready to navigate the earthly realms of logistics so that future exhibit visitors may explore magical realms!”
Partnering with the Natural History Museum London is only one way The Shipping Monster is showing commitment to the UK. The company is also officially launching The Shipping Monster UK in January 2022 to better serve partners in the United Kingdom with personalized solutions in brokerage, transportation, storage, labor scheduling and more.
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Established in 2009, The Shipping Monster is a specialty logistics business offering end to end, global transportation and logistics solutions to the live events, attractions, and entertainment industry. Learn more at TheShippingMonster.com
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