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© Udayan Rao Pawar, Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013
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The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, USA, is the first to host a brand-new exhibition showcasing award-winning animal behaviour images from the Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, opening today. 
Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a global platform with which museums and galleries can inspire their audiences to become advocates for the natural world and grow a passion for photography as an art form. The Unforgettable Behaviour exhibition showcases 38 powerful photographs from previous Wildlife Photographer of the Year collections, showcasing some of the very best animal behaviour moments ever captured on camera.    
Pauline Robert, Head of Touring Programmes at the Natural History Museum, London, said: ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year embarks on an international tour every year and is seen by thousands of families, wildlife enthusiasts and decision-makers across the world. Unforgettable Behaviour is a new specially curated exhibition celebrating some of the best and most exciting animal behaviour images.’
‘It’s wonderful to see this exhibition open at such an iconic venue and peer institution. We are sure the audience will share our fascination, wonder, joy and heartbreak when they experience this incredible display.’  
Michael Lawrence, Assistant Director for Exhibitions at the National Museum of Natural History, Washington, added: ‘These photos allow us to connect with animals we might never otherwise see. They show an extraordinary range of surprising and often deeply moving acts of animal behaviour that inspire us to care about the world around us.’
Find out more about the Unforgettable Behaviour: Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, USA.
Wildlife Photographer of the Year started in 1965 and is the longest running and most prestigious photographic competition of its kind. The fifty-eighth Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition has opened entries from photographers of all ages, nationalities, and levels. The international jury of industry experts has been announced, and the entry fee for photographers entering from 50 countries will be waived. Find out more at nhm.ac.uk/wpy/competition
Wildlife Photographer of the Year was founded in 1965 by BBC Wildlife Magazine, then called Animals. The Natural History Museum joined forces in 1984 to create the competition as it is known today. The competition is now run and owned by the Natural History Museum, London.
Wildlife Photographer of the Year Portfolio 31, edited by Rosamund Kidman-Cox and with a foreword by Chris Packham, is published by the Natural History Museum and will be on sale as of 14 October 2021, priced £25.
The Natural History Museum is both a world-leading science research centre and the most-visited natural history museum in Europe. With a vision of a future in which both people and the planet thrive, it is uniquely positioned to be a powerful champion for balancing humanity’s needs with those of the natural world.
It is custodian of one of the world’s most important scientific collections comprising over 80 million specimens. The scale of this collection enables researchers from all over the world to document how species have and continue to respond to environmental changes – which is vital in helping predict what might happen in the future and informing future policies and plans to help the planet.
The Museum’s 300 scientists continue to represent one of the largest groups in the world studying and enabling research into every aspect of the natural world. Their science is contributing critical data to help the global fight to save the future of the planet from the major threats of climate change and biodiversity loss through to finding solutions such as the sustainable extraction of natural resources.
The Museum uses its enormous global reach and influence to meet its mission to create advocates for the planet – to inform, inspire and empower everyone to make a difference for nature. We welcome over five million visitors each year; our digital output reaches hundreds of thousands of people in over 200 countries each month and our touring exhibitions have been seen by around 30 million people in the last 10 years.
The National Museum of Natural History is connecting people everywhere with Earth’s unfolding story. It is one of the most visited natural history museums in the world. Opened in 1910, the museum is dedicated to maintaining and preserving the world’s most extensive collection of natural history specimens and human artifacts. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, visit the museum on its website, blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
For more information about the exhibition at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, contact Anna Torres torresak@si.edu and Randall Kremer kremerr@si.edu from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History Public Affairs team.
Any other Wildlife Photographer of the Year press enquiries should be sent to wildpress@nhm.ac.uk
Weekdays: +44 (0)20 7942 5654
Evenings and weekends:
+44 (0) 7799 690 151
Email: wildpress@nhm.ac.uk
Explore a selection of the latest Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition images.
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