GAA sportswear specialists O'Neills has unveiled a jersey to mark the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday.
Relatives of the victims attended last night's unveiling.
The jersey carries the names of the dead and an image from the 1972 march.
It also bears the words of international civil rights anthem `we shall overcome'.
Bloody Sunday Trust chairman Tony Doherty said the organisation asked O'Neills to create a jersey to commemorate the anniversary in a respectful manner.
Mr Doherty, whose father Paddy, was shot dead said: "We are confident that what we have created between us is a tremendous and fitting tribute to be worn by all ages and with great pride and dignity in memory of those who were murdered on Bloody Sunday."
Part of the proceeds of sales from the jerseys will go to the work of the trust and Museum of Free Derry.
O'Neills' spokeswoman Caroline Casey said the company was delighted to have helped.
“We are very excited about it and believe that what we have produced is of highest quality, using iconic imagery from the day of Bloody Sunday itself,” Ms Casey said.
She said each detail of the jersey paid tribute to different elements of the anniversary. She also revealed that the company’s retail outlet at Waterloo Place in Derry would be “themed” on the 50th anniversary from this week with in-store displays and graphics.
"We are delighted that the first jerseys will be revealed this week to the Bloody Sunday families," she added.
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