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The Minnesota Twins will have a whole new look when they step into the ballpark in 2023.
According to Twins team president Dave St. Peter (a reasonably reliable source here), in comments made to Minnesota’s Star-Tribune, the team will have a new logo, new uniforms, and new lettering. The colours will remain.
“Our uniforms are going to evolve and take a step toward the future,” St. Peter told the Star-Tribune. “There is always a sensitivity to paying respect to the history and the heritage of the franchise, but there’s also a desire to move it forward, much like we did in the mid-’80s.”
Based on St. Peter’s remarks, it sounds as if the Twins will keep the overall feel of their franchise’s identity — the red, white, and blue colours, the handshaking mascots Minnie and Paul, “TWINS” scripted across the chest, but with a modern spin on it.
“The Padres are a great example — they went with a refresh that actually reached back to their origins, but they did it in a really bold, dynamic way,” St. Peter continued to the Star-Tribune. “It wasn’t just a cookie-cutter of what Steve Garvey wore in 1984. And our goals are the same. How do you pay tribute to that history and heritage but do it in a very modern way?”
That’s basically the formula for any successful rebrand. Now that almost every franchise in North American pro sports has a history that spans several decades, they’re all in a position to nail down their “forever look.” The time for experimentation is over. The Padres are brown and gold, not blue and white or khaki or orange –we know this now. The Blue Jays are blue, white, and powder blue with split lettering; they’re not black, not grey. The Tampa Bay Rays are still relatively young but quickly realizing their “forever look” will involve a rainbow gradient in some fashion; give ’em a few more years, and it’ll happen.
So what’s the “forever look” for the Twins?
Minnie and Paul? “TC” on the caps? Pinstripes? I think all three must be incorporated into the team’s new identity for fans to accept this as a long-term look. Kasota gold? Maybe not so much.
Regardless of my opinions, the team has their thoughts on the matter ready to go, with the release taking place following the 2022 season (their annual winter “TwinsFest” is scheduled for January 27-28, that might be a time to do it). St. Peter also hinted that the club would unveil their City Connect uniform during the 2023 season but would not be worn until 2024, which is interesting. No hints on what to expect in that design other than the obvious — i.e. it’ll have something to do with Minnesota.
Stay tuned for SportsLogos.Net for updates on the new Minnesota Twins uniforms for 2023.


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