ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) –Thronateeska Heritage Center is working to display more of South Georgia’s history. It’s part of their recent master plan.
Today I toured the thronateeska heritage center, home to South Georgia archives. What do you think the oldest piece of history they have? WALB News 10
Bobbie Yandell is the director of South Georgia Archives. Working and sorting through artifacts in the 9,000 square foot storage facility for about 8 years, she said they’re home to thousands of historic books and other unique items to South Georgia.
“Everything from old record machines, televisions, cameras, refrigerators all types of collectible items,” said Yandell.
So many items, that they’re looking at a better way to share the history with the rest of South Georgia and the world. Through a master plan, they’re looking to use the buildings they already have on location for more exhibits by changing the layouts.
″It will have an area about transportation, an area about agriculture, an area bout about people and it will emphasize the impact. The overall goal is to be able to show the stuff that’s here to display it not just rotate everything out,” said Yandell.
Getting to see unique parts of history each day, she hoped the expansion will help others relive and reflect on the past.
“All of that evokes memories which is part of what all this is about. Especially if you grew up here in South Georgia, some things will cause a flood of memories good and bad, and other parts. It’s just an experience to find out what happened here in Albany,” said Yandell.
Collecting archives for over 70 years, some of their oldest artifacts date back to the 1800′s.
“Anything that tells the history or the story from a people to the address to the companies to the land part of south Georgia that’s part of what we collect here,” said Yandell.
Yandell said the expansion timeline really depends on their ability to fundraise. Their goal is to finish the project within the next 5 to 10 years.
You can donate to help with their expansion or volunteer to help with the work they do.
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