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Earlier this month, the final woven and hand-embroidered panels depicting the fateful events of the eighth and final season of the hit fantasy drama series were added to the tapestry to complete the decorative retelling of the show’s most memorable moments.
Much of the hit series was filmed in Northern Ireland, including locations such as Castle Ward, Ballintoy Harbour and the Dark Hedges.
In September, the tapestry will travel to Bayeux to be exhibited next to the original Bayeux Tapestry – the near 70-metre long 11th century embroidered tapestry depicting the conquest of England in 1066 by William, Duke of Normandy.
Anne Robinson, one of the stitchers who has been involved in the project since it started in 2017, said it will be a proud day for her and her fellow volunteers when the tapestry is displayed alongside its inspiration.
“It has been such an unforgettable project to be a part of,” she said. “When we first started we knew we were working on something special, but little did we know just how far the story of the tapestry would travel. Game of Thrones has attracted so many international visitors to our shores, and many of those people have also come to see the tapestry on display in the Ulster Museum. Now, as its run comes to an end this weekend, we’re preparing for it to be displayed in Bayeux alongside the tapestry that influenced it.
“That will be a very proud day for us all,” she added.
The tapestry, which is free to view, will remain on display in the museum until Sunday, July 28.
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