Road warriors love it when a community puts their claim to fame right up on their welcome sign. It makes it so easy for us, who are searching out the history and lore of our region, to stop, explore and find out more about these little towns that, perhaps, we have never been to before.
The 13 communities on this list are certainly proud of their claims to fame. I mean, they put them up on their town welcome signs didn't they?. "Welcome to Jamestown, NY:  Birthplace of Lucille Ball". Yup, the Jamestown-born "Queen of Comedy" rightfully deserves the honor of being on her hometown welcome sign. How about this one, though:  "Welcome to Hornell:  Birthplace of Bill Pullman". The homegrown actor is without a doubt a big movie star so they honored him the same as Lucy. Interesting.
And, if you want to get even deeper in the weeds, check out "Welcome to Upper Jay, NY: Birthplace of Arto Monaco". Huh? Well, read the story and you will see why Arto deserves the hometown honor just as much as Lucille Ball. And Bill Pullman for that matter.
These are all fun, and very interesting in their own way. It will cause the most curious of us all to at least stop and ask a question or too. If not, it will certainly give us a smile as we pass through these places, urban and rural, that make up our fascinating, fun, and historic Upstate New York region.


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